SIMPeds Director

Anesthesia Chair in Pediatric Simulation; Senior Associate in Critical Care Medicine; Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Weinstock received his PhD from Rockefeller University, and general and plastic surgery training at the University of Pittsburgh followed by General Pediatrics and Critical Care at the Boston Children’s Hospital. During his tenure, Dr. Weinstock has grown SIMPeds from 2 to over 90 courses with participation from 2 to now 27 BCH department and divisions. His research interests focus on optimizing patient outcomes by inextricably linking preparedness with the delivery of the highest quality care possible to infants and children. To achieve this, he has guided SIMPeds to the development of >20 processes to achieve valuable and sustainable pediatric simulation programs to promote rapid cycle quality improvement and patient safety on both local and international levels. He has lectured and chaired meetings worldwide and has published sentinel work in innovative application and approaches to pediatric simulation. Dr. Weinstock is faculty of the Harvard Macy Program, a founding board member of the BCH Academy, and Founding President of the International Pediatric Simulation Society, currently representing Pediatric Simulation specialists from >30 countries around the globe. He has trained >1000 international instructors (>250 staff at BCH) on the nuances of simulation and debriefing applied to the pediatric and perinatal setting and actively partners to achieve rapid upstart of high quality simulation programs in busy pediatric teaching hospitals across the globe.