Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Panch is a primary care physician and Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Wellframe. He currently leads R&D at Wellframe including strategy, algorithm development, validation, commercialization, external relations and development of new products and services. He has founded and led the clinical, design, product and consumer experience teams and co-led the company itself since inception and serves on the board.

His research work broadly involves the application of machine learning methods on large scale multi-modal clinical data sets and use of technology to scale clinical interventions. He is an Instructor in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and a Lecturer in Health Sciences and Technology at MIT where he teaches courses at the Masters and PhD level.  He is the holder of a full utility patent on the Wellframe technology and is the inaugural recipient of Harvard’s Public Health Innovation Award. He practiced medicine for 17 years and ran a primary care office in London.