Innovators’ Showcase

April, 2016

The Patient Entertainment Center was overflowing with interested attendees, including the press, partners, investors, and entrepreneurs, in addition to clinicians, staff,patients, and families from the Boston Children’s community. Digital health leaders from GE were in attendance alongside Sanjay Prabhu, MBBS, Pediatric Neuroradiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. Douglas Perrin, PhD, and Garry Steil, PhD, gave presentations on clinical decision support efforts throughout Boston Children’s. Attendees also listened to Sandra Fenwick, Present and Chief Executive Officer of Boston Children’s, talk about the history and future of innovation at Boston Children’s. Finally, attendees engaged with over 20 cutting-edge technologies demonstrated at the Showcase.

Cutting-edge technology demonstrations included our collaboration with GE, to create clinical decision support tools to help increase diagnostic accuracy and reduce time to diagnosis for abnormal brain development. Demonstrations also included a 30-minute mobile screening app for developmental dyslexia, spearheaded by Nadine Gaab, PhD.

Co-Designing for Better Health

Olin College
March, 2017

The Olin College Co-Designing for Better Health Innovation Lab, produced by Olin College in collaboration with athenahealth, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and theInnovation & Digital Health Accelerator, brought together a diverse range of healthcare stakeholders, including patients, patient advocates, clinicians, user design and experience experts, engineers and healthcare administrators.

The event provided attendees with an opportunity to learn about co-design best practices from industry leaders, including Michael Docktor, MD, Kim Goodwin, and Sara Hendren. After initial presentations and exercises with industry leaders, attendees divided into small groups and focused on solving different healthcare issues through the co-design process.

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PULSE@MassChallenge Digital Health Meetup

Pulse event
October, 2016

Over 300 members of the Massachusetts digital health community came together for the PULSE@Check Digital Health Meetup, sponsored by IDHA and Cerner. Attendees enjoyed showcase demos from over 30 startups and emerging technologies, a lively debate on healthcare partnerships, and reverse pitches from leading PULSE@ champions.

Leaders from leading provider organizations, health care technology corporations, and startups discussed collaboration between startups, providers, and corporations. Panelists acknowledged that healthcare is an industry ripe for innovation, and asked how the health care ecosystem can collaborate more closely to ensure the right patient outcomes are achieved while maintaining sustainability.

Panelists included:

  • Carla Small, Senior Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Sam Lambson, senior business strategist for Cerner’s Open Platforms
  • Brad Diephuis, co-founder and CEO of Herald Health
  • Moderator: Dylan Martin, BostInno journalist

Reverse pitches were provided by numerous leading provider organizations and cutting-edge corporate leaders. Reverse pitches were provided by:

Read more about the Digital Health Meetup on Vector, Boston Children’s Hospital’s science and clinical innovation blog.

Kids-Only Minecraft Hackathon

October, 2016

Numerous cutting-edge industry leaders – including the Microsoft, the Museum of Science, Hacking Pediatrics, and IDHA – recently came together to sponsor the inaugural Kids-Only Minecraft Hackathon with HUBWeek.

Children, between the ages of 5 and 18, came together at the Museum of Science. Children were provided an opportunity to envision the future of healthcare during the event, when they were asked to build the hospital of the future utilizing Minecraft. Attendees, however, were asked to promote fun, health, and happiness within their hospitals of the future.

Although children don’t work alongside clinicians or researchers, each participant brought inspiring ideas and created Minecraft builds that could shape the future of care.

Read more about the Kids-Only Minecraft Hackathon on Vector, Boston Children’s Hospital’s science and clinical innovation blog.