Virtual Care Program Manager

Jackie Riso

Jackie is a Virtual Care Program Manager on the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator team. She manages our hospital to hospital virtual care programs, including strategic planning, operations, and ongoing program management. Jackie works with external partners, internal stakeholders and technology vendors to develop and implement virtual care programs and workflows.

Being part of the Innovation and Digital Health team is a perfect match with Jackie’s knack for business, management and the digital world. She is excited to accelerate technology-enhanced solutions to improve patient/family and clinician experience.

Jackie started her career at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2011, in Gastroenterology and Nutrition. She spent 3 years managing a variety of operations, such as patient care, supporting a team of 50 and coordinating medical rotations of Boston Children’s fellows along with visiting international Harvard Medical Students. She then followed her passion for business operations and joined the Strategy and Network Development team in 2014. After completing her Master’s degree focused on the digital aspects of business, she was thrilled to follow her passion, help build, and become part of the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator team in 2015. With her operational and leadership skills as useful tools in her repertoire, Jackie makes an impactful contribution to the Boston Children’s community.

Jackie completed her Master’s degree at Boston University in E-commerce, Systems, and Technology and a BS at Emmanuel College in Business Management, along with a minor in Information Technology. She studied abroad at Richmond University in London.

Favorite Innovation

Google Search, 1997

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Innovation, Digital health, Implementation, Operations, Telehealth, Project management, Hospital to hospital telemedicine


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