Digital Access Liaison

Katrina serves as a Digital Access Liaison (DAL) for IDHA. DALs act as a liaison between key digital initiatives and clinical areas/aligned teams, energized by concurrent focus on several early stage projects. They are responsible for understanding the broader digital portfolio, communicating upcoming and current work with departments and bringing feedback from the care team back to project teams and leadership.

Additionally, Katrina is a Co-Lead and Representative within IDHA’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committees.

Katrina has a clinical background as a certified orthotic assistant and certified fitter of orthotics in pediatric prosthetics and orthotics, working at the brace shops within Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Boston Children’s Hospital for three and a half years. She transitioned to her current role as a Digital Access Liaison in January 2021.

Katrina is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health at Northeastern University to further her contact with and influence on upstream policy improvements to the enterprise’s equity and access for sexual and gender minority patients, families, and employees within digital health. She completed her undergraduate training in health sciences from Northeastern University.

Favorite Innovation

Google Translate, 2006


Digital Health, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, AI, Access to Care, LEAN