Program Coordinator

Lauren is a Program Coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Computational Epidemiology Group, HealthMap. She joined the HealthMap team in 2018, while finishing her Master’s degree in Public Health, where she worked on data curation, as well as other projects, including the development of a timeline for the 2018 DRC Ebola outbreak, and authoring a series of articles on HealthMap’s Disease Daily about Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Lauren completed her MPH in Epidemiology & Biostatistics, with a focus in Infectious Diseases at the Boston University School of Public Health. She completed her undergraduate studies in biology and psychology, at Towson University and University of Maryland Baltimore County, respectively.

Favorite Innovation

Vaccination, 1796

Amazon Prime, 2005​


Infectious disease epidemiology, neglected tropical diseases, travel, musical theater, fashion,​ anything related to Disney