Great ideas happen when there’s a recognition of a pain point or inefficiency impacting patient experience, research or clinical care. Ideas are everywhere, but innovation happens when your idea can make something better, easier or scalable to a greater number people.

Have an idea? Our team is available to discuss your innovation, no matter how early stage, just send us an email to schedule an innovation consultation.

For The Boston Children’s Community

  • Innovator’s Roadmap – The information in the Commercialization Roadmap is meant to help clarify the commercialization process and guide you, the innovator, towards helpful resources.
  • Accelerator Grant Program – Every year, up to $250,000 in aggregate funding and software development time is available for innovative ideas in clinical practice or research with commercial potential.
  • Innovation Office Hours – We have an open door when it comes to great ideas. Even if you’re not sure if there’s a there, there, we’d love to meet with you.

For Industry, Startups, Enterprise

  • Let us know if our capabilities align with your research and development strategy.
  • Startups interested in piloting or meeting with Boston Children’s clinicians can let us know, here.

If none of those options sound quite right, just send us a message to tell us a little about your idea and get the conversation going with our innovation team.