Program overview

Now in its fifth year, The Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) is excited to announce the 2020 Accelerator Grant Program for Boston Children’s Hospital employees with health technology innovations (i.e. digital health).

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This unique program provides extensive support to a select number of Accelerated projects, including:

  • Funding up to $25,000 with the potential for milestone dependent follow-on funding
  • Access to expertise in developing digital health applications and tools
  • Software development resources: web/mobile apps, clinical processes, patient engagement, personal health tools, care coordination, administrative tools, EMR-based tools, big data, clinical decision support, FHIR
  • A dedicated team supporting project management, business strategy, pilot design, product development

Submission deadline

There are two Accelerator rounds each year. Applications submitted after September 14th will be pushed to the first round of 2021. However, applications are accepted on a rolling basis so please submit your application whenever it is ready.

After applying, you’ll be contacted to discuss next steps for your application. In the past two years, we met with over two-thirds of applicants via an Opportunity SPRINT session. These 60-minute meetings allow us to source the technical, business, innovation, and subject matter expertise needed to evaluate and support your innovation. As a result of this meeting, innovators will be provided with an opportunity CANVAS and light analysis meant to support projects regardless of whether they win a grant award.

Who can apply?

All Boston Children’s Hospital employees with a health technology innovation (i.e. digital healthare encouraged to apply.


This program is designed to support internal innovators with promising ideas or early stage products and/or health technologies. Additional detail below:

  • Most digital health ideas or products are eligible, including software/HCIT, care process enhancements, and digital technology diagnostic tools.
  • This program will not fund basic or translational research, molecule, or therapeutic projects.
  • You must be willing to engage with the accelerator model and hope to leverage our people and resources to develop and launch your solution.
  • Idea submissions may range from early-stage ideas or concepts to fully formed projects. We’re looking for great ideas that lead to impactful solutions.
  • Ideas should have a significant impact on the patient experience, care delivery, and/or clinical outcomes.
  • Ideas should be novel and not have commercially available alternatives, or the idea must be a significant improvement or disruption of currently available technologies.

Ready to apply?

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If you have any questions regarding the grant program or your application, please email