Call for Pediatric Medical Device Innovations

The Boston Pediatric Device Consortium (BPDC) is an FDA-funded initiative cultivating pediatric medical device innovation. The BPDC seeks to address unmet needs in pediatric health care by accelerating the pace of pediatric device innovation.

The BPDC cultivates pediatric medical device innovation by providing inventors with the expertise and resources needed at each step along the pathway to novel pediatric commercialization. The BPDC taps a vast network of leading national experts to provide seed-grant funding, consultation, mentoring, and access to a wide network of industry pioneers to support innovators as they evaluate and develop novel therapies for children.

The BPDC is accepting applications from medical device innovators through October, 2017. Selected winners, announced in December, 2017, are eligible to receive financial and device development support.


Applicants will be reviewed and vetted by the BPDC, including leading clinical, business development, and technical experts. Awardees will receive a combination of funding, mentorship and strategic support from Boston Children’s and our strategic partners.


All Boston Children’s or external clinicians, researchers, or startups are eligible to apply with device innovations classified as pediatric medical devices in accordance with section 201(h) of the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act.

Medical device innovators can submit applications here.

Applications accepted through October, 2017.

Click here for more information on the BPDC grant program.

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