CareDox connects K-12 public schools directly with the healthcare system to deliver tech-enabled, no-cost health solutions for families and schools.

Project Overview

CareDox’s health records management technology allows for HIPAA and FERPA-compliant digital health charting, chronic disease management, and immunization compliance reporting for school districts. The platform supports stakeholders throughout school districts by providing nurses with electronic charting, administrators with district-wide reporting metrics and parents with holistic access to their child’s health information.

The platform integrates directly with leading student information systems (SIS) and is offered at no cost for public schools via reimbursement contracts with Medicaid, Vaccines for Children (VFC) and other insurance companies. CareDox services include technology implementation, integration, training and ongoing support for school systems adopting the technology.

Healthcare Context

In the US today, many kids are not receiving the care they need, with 50% of children not receiving annual checkups and 44% not receiving flu vaccinations. Children spend a majority of their time at school, but the current pediatric healthcare experience does not account for this. Schools are in need of a solution to monitor the health of their student body and provide interventions as necessary. These changes could help significantly reduce school absenteeism and improve performance for students and teachers.

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