Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ring

A lifelong inventor and successful entrepreneur, Jamie created the world’s first Wi-Fi video doorbell while working in his garage in 2011. The doorbell, then called DoorBot, has since transformed into what’s now known as Ring, a security powerhouse that offers several DIY home security products and services, including the popular Ring Video Doorbell that’s capable of preventing and solving neighborhood crime. Although much has changed since the company’s inception, it is the mission of reducing crime in neighborhoods that continues to drive Jamie.

Intensely dedicated not only to the Ring mission, but also to Ring Neighbors (what Ring calls its customers), Jamie is a loyal and trusted leader. He gives his team autonomy so that they can stay focused on what’s most important: the company’s mission of making neighborhoods everywhere safer.

Under Jamie’s direction, Ring has seen incredible success and growth. In 2018, Amazon purchased Ring, the company’s second largest acquisition. With the support of Amazon, Ring and Jamie continue to innovate and remain at the bleeding edge of home security.

Prior to Ring, Jamie founded several successful ventures including PhoneTag, the world’s first voicemail-to-text company, and, a service that helped email users clean commercial.