Boston Children’s Hospital physicians and researchers are committed to sharing their expertise and providing education to pediatric providers, caregivers, families and patients throughout the world.

Online Second Opinion Program

The Online Second Opinion Program allows patients and their clinicians around the world to receive a second opinion from Boston Children’s Hospital pediatric subspecialists without leaving home.  When faced with a complex diagnosis, we encourage you to speak with your patient about our online second opinion offering.  A Boston Children’s pediatric specialist will review your patient’s records and key questions remotely. A detailed report will be provided within 7-10 business days to the family, patient and local physician.

There are 6,000-7,000 rare diseases, many of which will not be seen by most clinicians, a second opinion enables your patients to get access expertise to support accurate identification and care options for rare and complex conditions.

All subspecialties are available to provide an online second opinion.

If you and your patient would like to learn more about the Online Second Opinion Program or request a second opinion, click here.
Read more from real patients’ experiences about the life-changing impact of a Boston Children’s Online Second Opinion here.

Virtual Visits

Boston Children’s Hospital virtual visit service connects a patient directly to their clinician through a secure, live-interactive video system. This service allows the patient to receive the specialized care he or she needs right from home — or another convenient location, using a mobile device or computer. Virtual visits provide an alternative option of receiving the same high quality care normally received in a face-to-face visit but at a lower cost to the patients, payers and providers.


OPENPediatrics is an interactive digital learning platform and global health platform designed to share pediatric best practices among clinicians developed by Boston Children’s Hospital. It promotes knowledge sharing about the care of critically ill children by providing clinicians across the globe access to colleagues and vital information. The peer-reviewed, open-source, not-for-profit platform makes information available at no cost, anywhere, at any time.

OPENPediatrics consists of three main features:

  • Global Community – With OPENPediatrics, clinicians around the world can talk to one another, share ideas and work together to build a community focused on the care of critically ill children.
  • Guided Learning Pathways – By following learning pathways, clinicians can acquire advanced training in specific subspecialties.
  • Content Library – Users have access to a set of tools, videos, calculators and summaries, available for download at any time.


As of September 2016, OPENPediatrics has been accessed from every country and territory on the globe (excluding Antarctica) and has registered users from 145 countries and over 2,300 hospitals and universities. OPENPediatrics is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2015 Microsoft Education Award from the Tech Museum of Innovation. OPENPediatrics is certified by the Health on the Net Foundation as a recognized source of reliable online health information.

Visit the OPENPediatrics Website for more information

Hospital to Hospital Collaboration

Boston Children’s is committed to supporting sharing pediatric expertise with other hospitals.  Our clinicians currently staff hospitals in New England and New York.  In addition we provide telehealth support in Massachusetts.  For more information click here.