Mightier uses the power of video games and biofeedback with their unique and child-oriented bioresponsive feedback loop to help kids 6-14 struggling with anxiety and controlling emotions build emotional strength and resilience.

Project Overview

Mightier has raised almost $5m in venture funding from Slow Ventures, Bolt, Founder Collective and Project 11. After 7 years in development, we have spent the past year successfully implementing our platform in clinics, schools, and in the home over 150 families, and are now bringing Mightier to the public.

Mightier’s Bioresponsive Games help children with behavioral and emotional challenges learn how to manage emotions in daily life. Kids play when they want, wherever they are, just 45 minutes a week.

  • Develop Awareness: Connecting the Mighty band heart rate monitor to a dedicated game tablet, kids start playing and realize the link between their heart rate in the games.
  • Build Skill: The games react to kids heart rate in real-time, changing in difficulty to teach kids how to stay in control – or as we like to say, in the ‘cool zone’ – even when things get hard, just like in the real world!
  • Work through Challenge: As kids learn the skills to regulate their emotions, they build muscle memory and start taking on more challenges in Mightier games and in life.

Developed at Boston Children’s Hospital, in clinical trials Mightier has been shown to:

  • Lower Parent Stress: 19%
  • Decrease Oppositional Behaviors: 40%
  • Reduce Outbursts: 62%

Healthcare Context

Only 20% of children struggling with emotional control get access to help and existing solutions are often ineffective, come with side effects, or both. Children learn best through play and exploration, making video games the ideal platform to help children learn skills to build their emotional strength.

In the News

Interested in learning more about Mightier?

Mightier is an innovation by Neuromotion Labs. The company is based in Boston, MA and backed by some of the leading early stage technology venture funds including Founder Collective and Project 11.

Contact Mightier at https://mightier.com.


Dr Jason Kahn
Instructor in Psychiatry, Part-Time