Spun out of Boston Children’s Hospital with more than $10M in VC funding, Circulation leverages on-demand transportation services to ease the burden of non-emergency medical transportation.

Project Overview

Circulation leverages on-demand transportation services, like Uber and Lyft, to enable hospitals to provide transportation for patients requiring assistance to and from medical appointments. Circulation seamlessly integrates with healthcare systems, providing a HIPAA compliant platform to ease the burden of non-emergency medical transportation. Now serving over 1,600 health facilities across more than 45 US states, Circulation is reducing the number of missed medical appointments, helping patients receive the care they need and lowering associated healthcare costs.

Healthcare Context

Each year, ~3.6 million patients across the US miss at least one medical appointment due to lack of access to transportation.

To date, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) has been coordinated through a variety of parties, such as transportation brokers, managed care benefits, and non-preauthorized contractors. Each of these systems operate on a state-by-state basis, with non-preauthorized contractors able to rely on ‘volunteer drivers’ as sufficient means for non-emergency medical transportation. As a result, NEMT systems are fragmented and inefficient. The issues of appointment access, as demonstrated by missed appointments, and fragmented transportation systems, as demonstrated by current transportation systems, are addressed by Circulation.

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Visit Circulation’s website here or send IDHA an email at accelerator@childrens.harvard.edu!