A sampling of our ongoing projects


Spun out of Boston Children’s Hospital with more than $10M in VC funding, Circulation leverages on-demand transportation services to ease the burden of non-emergency medical transportation.




Dock Health

Dock is a HIPAA compliant, team-based task management platform for collaborating, organizing and delegating clinical tasks.



Early Literacy Screening App

Boston Children’s Hospital’s Early Literacy Screening App can effectively screen for early signs of literacy challenges in only 30 minutes and link to risk-specific evidence-based responses for screening.



Health Voyager

Personalized patient education using a customizable 3D virtual reality experience.




Mightier uses the power of video games to help kids 6-14 struggling with anxiety and controlling emotions build emotional strength and resilience.



Mindlight Medical

A brain-based diagnostic service that leverages EEG data to provide risk assessment & monitoring services for autism in infants as early as 3-6 months.