Chief, Cardiac Surgery

Dr. del Nido graduated with honors in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin and received his medical degree at the University of Wisconsin Medical School. He completed his General Surgery residency at Boston University in 1982, and Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Toronto in 1985. He then trained as a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. After completing residency, Dr. del Nido began his career at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and in 1989 went to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He returned to Boston in 1994 to work at Boston Children’s Hospital, and became Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery in 2003. He was appointed William E. Ladd Professor of Child Surgery at Harvard Medical School in 2004.

Dr. del Nido’s clinical interests are in congenital valve reconstruction and also recruitment of the hypoplastic left heart for two-ventricle physiology. His laboratory research work aims to develop techniques for performing reconstructive surgery inside the beating heart using 3-D echocardiography guidance. This project is a research partnership with engineering laboratories and industry and proposes to design and implement new technology and instrumentation to facilitate beating heart repair of intracardiac defects, thus obviating the need for open heart surgery.
With two colleagues Nido Surgical was founded in Jan 2015 and ™ is commercializing technology developed at Boston Children’s Hospital. The devices are minimally invasive surgical instruments to operate on a beating heart in adults and children, thus avoiding open-heart surgery. The target market is repair of congenital heart defects and heart valve repair in children and adults.