Full-stack Research Software Developer

Catherine is a Full-stack Research Software Developer on the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator team, with a focus on data analytics and visualizations. Currently, she works on HealthMap projects that use Twitter for data mining to better understand public health trends.

Catherine has an extensive background in building cutting-edge web applications from conception to completion. Her cross-disciplinary projects have been used to facilitate market analysis, enable product discovery, and streamline supply chain management for global pharmaceutical companies. Her previous work also includes building dashboards for competitive intelligence, discerning customer habits and needs, and identifying manufacturing overhead. Catherine has a passion for telling new stories by translating highly-tangled, disparate datasets into insightful visualizations. ​In her spare time, she also enjoys learning new technologies and frameworks.​

Catherine graduated magna cum laude from New York University with a BA in Economic theory and Psychology.

Favorite Innovation

The Internet

Works on

CrowdClinical, Foodborne, Web apps, Interactive data visualizations


Full-stack development, New technologies, Informatics, Data mining, Spicy food, Hiking