Software Engineer

Farhanah is a software engineer working with the full development stack within the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator. She is working to help implement the BCH FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs as well as SMART applications that will leverage the new APIs.  She is working on making patient data more accessible for both users and developers.

She has worked in a number of different industries as a Software Engineer.  She began her career working with a networking company in Pittsburgh working with embedded programming.  From there she moved onto an Automation company in Raleigh, NC where she worked with remote clients around the globe setting up Historian systems integrated within their datacenters.  Most recently, Farhanah spent 3 years with ESPN in Bristol, CT.

While at ESPN she worked on multiple teams including their Mobile team – supporting the servers backing their old mobile web, the International team – where she helped create a new backend for the ESPN FC website redesign, and finally on the Notifications and Personalization team.  Farhanah maintained the APIs that backed the ESPN Notifications platform which included personalized fan profile management and notification delivery.  She also maintained relationships to integrate these APIs both with multiple App development teams in house and push delivery teams in Seattle.

Farhanah completed a BS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Favorite Innovation

Browser Tabs – can’t live without them

Works on

FHIR/SMART, APIs, Technology, Healthcare Innovation


STEM, Learning, Volunteering, Travel, Food, Books, Cats