Director, Virtual Care

Heather is the Senior Program Manager of Digital Health at Boston Children’s Hospital. She brings extensive Telehealth and digital health experience and knowledge to the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) team. Heather oversees the development of the operational framework for the digital health initiatives provided by Boston Children’s to patients served both domestically and internationally. She is also responsible for aligning the legal and regulatory integration into the delivery of digital healthcare while working directly with the finance and compliance departments. Heather leads the marketing efforts around digital health and ensures automated systems are operationalized within the application systems used throughout Boston Children’s and the patient population. She has vast experience in the fields of digital health for government relations, legal and compliance, health policy and commercial and private payers.

Prior to joining Boston Children’s Hospital, Heather was the Telemedicine Project Manager at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where she was able to fully develop and operationalize a Telehealth Department within the medical center for patients to receive care remotely throughout the nation. Heather began her healthcare career at UPMC’s Telehealth Program in Pittsburgh, PA where she gained her foundational knowledge of the Telehealth and digital health industry and was able to implement various model of digital health to include an internally developed direct to consumer online platform.

Heather earned her MBA from Seton Hill University with a specialization in management and her BS from University of Pittsburgh.

Favorite Innovation

Practically: Mobile smartphones
Awe-inspiring: People

Works on

Telehealth, Virtual Visit – Direct to Consumer Platforms, Operations, Legal and Regulatory, Health Policy and Government Relations, Billing and Compliance, Marketing, Application Systems


Blessing someone else, My entire family and friends who have become family, Triathlons and being active, Traveling locally and internationally, The next great adventure