Start-up Analyst

Katie is a Start-Up Analyst on the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator team. She helps with the Accelerator grant process, business plan creation, and figuring out commercial potential and how to get there. With a background in finance, venture capital and healthcare, Katie enjoys helping turn ideas into real businesses.

From 2010 to 2016, Katie was a Senior Associate at Hercules Capital, a venture capital and venture debt firm, focusing on investments within the Life Science industry. While at Hercules, she worked on sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities, conducting in-depth due diligence and actively monitored existing investments. Prior to Hercules, Katie held internships at Credit Suisse and Boston Scientific.

Katie received her undergraduate degree in Finance and Social Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University and currently pursuing her MBA at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. As part of her undergraduate work, Katie traveled to the Dominican Republic and South Africa to mentor village entrepreneurs on starting businesses and provided initial funding.

Favorite Innovation

Mobile data (2007) and Ice cream (17th century)

Works on

Innovation, Accelerator grants, Innovation Sprints, Strategy, Commercialization


Traveling, Entrepreneurship, Advocating for stroke & heart health, Soccer, Microfinance, Chasing my two crazy dogs, Excel spreadsheets