Director of Software Development

Nitin is the Director of Software Development at Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator. Collaborating with the clinical community and external partners, he leads development teams involved in creating digital health solutions and realizing new software innovations for improving clinical workflows and healthcare delivery to patients. He is engaged in developing programs to assist innovators and involved in strategic enterprise initiatives in digital health.

With over 15 years of experience and passion for information and digital technology, he has led the architecture and technical design of various core clinical systems and innovation projects at Boston Children’s. He has extensive expertise in enterprise software architecture and technologies across a breadth of platforms, as well as experience in business domains of health care, insurance and finance.

Nitin has completed his MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Boston specializing in leadership and organizational change and has a BS in Electronics and Electrical Communication. Combining his technical experience with business knowledge, he aims to collaborate with others in finding optimal ways for delivering technology solutions to real-world challenges and opportunities.

Favorite Innovation

Internet – late 20th century, Mobile devices and cloud computing – over the last decade, Augmented Reality – last couple of years

Works on

Software solutions, Technical innovations, Address real-world pain points , Disrupt traditional workflows


Digital technology, Astronomy, Legos