Clinician Advisor

Dr. Afshar, Clinician Advisor to the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator, is passionate about design thinking and innovation. He has a background in the arts and engineering and worked as a surgical assistant and care coordinator after college, followed by medical and dental school at Harvard University. He completed his surgical residency within the Partners Healthcare System and brought human factor design and innovation into his surgical practice and work.

During the past 15 years, he has solved system and design challenges both large and small with solutions that were inspired by processes and systems found in nature (biomimicry) complemented with human factor design. He is passionate about the user and has played a key advisory role in the implementation and design of health care software systems and has designed several devices and implants in the medical technology space. In addition to being the founder of several companies including his current startup, ClinicalBox, he is also a surgeon at Boston Children’s. Afshar is a mentor at the Harvard iLab and is actively involved with startups in an advisory role focusing on strategy, business development and design.