Families with complex pediatric patients connect to Boston Children’s specialists

Program Overview

Families with complex pediatric patients connect to Boston Children’s specialists through our online platform. By providing a digital platform, removing barriers, and extending access, patients now have access to a world class review of their diagnosis or treatment plan. This will either give comfort that their current treatment plan is the right path or lead to a better plan for the child.

  • Leverages a secure digital platform to open and accelerate access to Boston Children’s Hospital specialist expertise
  • Receive diagnosis, next steps and treatment plan clarity for complex diseases
  • Efficient and streamlined remote second opinion – our partners manage the process of coordinating care, medical record collection and clinical overview for each patient case while a Boston Children’s specialist provides the opinion

The Second Opinion Portfolio recently announced two exciting partnerships:

  • MORE Health, which will allow patients in China access to the exceptional physicians and services of Boston Children’s Hospital through MORE Health’s Physician Collaboration Platform
  • MD further integrates with Boston Children’s Hospital to give their 12 million members the ability to receive a face-to-face educational consultation via video with a pediatric specialist and provides support should members choose to transfer their care to Boston Children’s

Click here to learn more or to request an online second opinion.

Healthcare Context

Patients with complex diseases often search for an accurate diagnosis or treatment plan. Many barriers and constraints such as location, time and resources often prohibit access to the most qualified specialist.

In the News

Boston Children’s Hospital launched its second opinion platform in September 2015. To date, two-thirds of the cases have led to a change in diagnosis, treatment plan, or both.


David Miller, Second Opinion Portfolio Senior Manager

Karen Odreman, Second Opinion Portfolio Program Coordinator

Sam Moyer, Second Opinion Portfolio Program Coordinator