KidsX has partnered with the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) to accelerate pediatric digital innovation.

Partnership Overview

The first-of-its-kind, the KidsX Accelerator is an international accelerator that aims to support the development and adoption of pediatric health technologies. The accelerator program is designed to partner promising early stage digital health companies with clinical and administrative leaders at over 30 of the top children’s hospitals around the world.

Through this program, entrepreneurs can work closely with digital health leaders at pediatric hospitals to determine product/market fit and obtain mentorship and guidance through complex hospital systems. The program also offers companies the ability to collect product feedback from users. Hospital champions will be able to screen and select promising early stage companies that are solving pain points important to them.

KidsX also provides a series of informational offerings to disseminate best practices and tools related to digital health innovation such as monthly podcasts and webinars, virtual workshops, and an annual design thinking training course.

Healthcare Context

Pediatric patients make up 20% of the national patient population; however, less than 1% of total investments in digital health solutions go towards pediatric solutions. As a result, pediatric innovation regularly lags far behind, leading to an outdated health care delivery system for children and the families who care for them.

KidsX aims to make pediatric care more effective, safe, efficient and convenient than it is today by facilitating collaboration between leading children’s hospitals and innovators to build, test and deploy digital solutions.

Interested in learning more about this partnership?

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