Collaboration between IDHA developed Vaccine Finder and Uber Health to offer on-demand flu vaccinations requested via Uber app.

Partnership Overview

In a disruptive move to bring back the traditional house call, Uber partnered with IDHA’s Vaccine Finder platform to launch an UberHealth service for on-demand influenza vaccinations. The collaboration launched in October 2014 and offered free flu vaccinations provided by nurses in Boston, New York & DC.

IDHA Chief Innovation Officer John Brownstein joined with Uber to serve as its first advisor for UberHealth. Since then, UberHealth has launched a web-based dashboard for hospital and other healthcare professionals to request, manage and pay for patient rides to and from the clinic to receive the care they need.

Healthcare Context

Despite their importance to public health, most adult vaccination rates remain below 50%, with the flu alone costing the US economy $90B each year. Administrative and transportation hurdles associated with in-person visits likely contributing to this trend.

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