Novartis Pharmaceuticals has partnered with the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) to support the development of voice skills for healthcare.

Partnership Overview

The partnership with Novartis supports IDHA’s creation of a voice technology focusing on provider and patient education for asthma management. Providers can utilize the Novartis tool to easily access treatment guidelines during patient encounters and patients can review educational materials about asthma treatment from the comfort of their home.

Voice technology is an effective method for delivery of clinical content and can improve adherence to care plans when patients are able to access care plan information once they’ve left the provider’s office. The ability for providers to pull up information hands-free allows them to focus more holistically on patient care and access up-to-date guidelines around care best practices.

To better understand the clinician appetite toward voice technology, the Novartis and IDHA team conducted research regarding pediatrician attitudes toward voice technology use in the clinical setting. In March 2019, they published their findings in the Journal of Applied Informatics.

Healthcare Context

Voice technology is transforming the way we deliver care and education, this is especially true in healthcare settings where voice skills can improve quality of care for patients and providers. As the scale of voice technology continues to grow, there is an increasing opportunity and need for technology to support the care team in order to help them do what they do best: provide the best possible care for their patients.


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