A sampling of our ongoing projects


Digitizing Boston Children’s antiobiograms for distribution across multiple platforms, with simplified viewing and clinical decision support capabilities.


CrowdClinical helps hospitals improve patient experience by providing real-time feedback and analysis of actionable social media data.

Developmental Dyslexia Screening App

The Developmental Dyslexia Screening App can effectively screen for early behavioral signs of Developmental Dyslexia (DD) in only 30 minutes.

DisCo (Discharge Communications)

DisCo supports patients in the transition of care from hospital to home to prevent avoidable re-admissions by proactively outreaching to patients post-discharge.

Environmental Health and Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety application suite provides a comprehensive, singular web based platform to mitigate risk and liability – while improving safety and workflow efficiency for employees within healthcare, research and construction environments.


Feverprints is a mobile app built on Apple HealthKit & ResearchKit to crowdsource the collection of fever data to help physicians better understand how to use fever as a tool to improve medical diagnoses.

Hacking Pediatrics

Hacking Pediatrics curates the biggest issues facing patients, families and clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital and helps generate solutions in one day.

HealthMap Foodborne Dashboard

The Healthmap Foodborne Dashboard uses social media to help public health departments improve foodborne illness surveillance and reporting.


HeyDoc is a HIPAA compliant, team-based task management platform for collaborating, organizing and delegating clinical tasks. Through relentlessly thoughtful design, HeyDoc is creating the clinical hub for highly reliable care and productive teamwork.


Mightier uses the power of video games to help kids 6-14 struggling with anxiety and controlling emotions build emotional strength and resilience.

NICU Forum

The Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) Family to Family web forum provides a space for parents to support each other after leaving the NICU.


NumberOne is creating a wearable device that allows users to perform home biofeedback therapy to treat stress urinary incontinence.


Nutrimedy is a novel telehealth platform that transforms disease prevention and management by matching people with Registered Dietitians.

Online Second Opinion

Families with complex pediatric patients connect to Boston Children’s specialists through Grand Rounds platform

Patient Apps

Patients authorizing apps to connect to their EHRs improves health outcomes and sharing capabilities for science and research.

Prediction of Patient Placement

Prediction of Patient Placement (POPP) is an advanced, real-time forecasting tool that can predict likelihood of admission from the ED within 10 to 20 minutes following triage.


RNSafe is a mobile application that increases patient safety and nursing efficiency by centralizing the medication “double check” procedure.


StrabisPIX is a tele-ophthalmology application allowing remote monitoring and assessment of patients with strabismus.


Thermia empowers patients and families with support tools to better manage and treat fever and sickness.

TriVox Health

TriVox Health is a chronic disease management platform enabling healthcare providers to track and manage their patients.

Voice in Healthcare

Leveraging voice technology to reach clinicians, patients, and families in new ways—delivering relevant information and support when needed most.