Co-developed by Boston Children’s Hospital and Duke Health System, CareMap is a mobile application providing a much needed resource to families of children with complex medical needs.

Project Overview

Caremap is a patient and family-oriented application allowing for secure storage and sharing of important medical information. The company’s mobile application helps families track important elements related to their child’s health, including nutrition, mood, pain, medical event frequency and custom options (e.g. school attendance). These metrics are aggregated over time and displayed in a dashboard to share with other family members or care providers in your network.

Caremap is built with four core functions to support the needs of complex patients:

  • MyHealth: secure place to store critical health information (e.g. allergies)
  • Track: directory allowing families to track what matters most to their child and providers
  • Insights: dashboard allowing for insights into patterns and relationships of symptoms
  • Connect: contact list of stakeholders in care team and family network to share critical health data in case of emergency

Caremap recently won the federal Maternal & Child Health Bureau’s Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYHSCN) Grand Challenge and received $130K in grant funding.

Healthcare Context

There are an estimated 500,000 children in the US with complex medical needs. Caring for these children requires frequent healthcare visits, multiple specialists and intermittent emergency care in the hospital and beyond. Unfortunately, health information critical to caring for these patients is often disaggregated and unavailable for all stakeholders in a child’s care team when it is needed most.


Interested in learning more about Caremap?

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