With the help of Boston Children’s Hospital, REACT Neuro developed an advanced virtual reality (VR) system for diagnosing brain health conditions years before symptoms appear.

Project Overview

Launching out of Harvard Medical School by a leading Massachusetts General Hospital neurologist, REACT Neuro is focused on quantifying brain health objectively through science-backed digital exams. These exams are short, easy to administer assessments given through a custom VR headset. The system aggregates findings from a host of different senses and quantifies changes into actionable insights for physicians. The team is developing a system that aims to accurately predict the presence of brain diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s) before symptoms appear.

Boston Children’s partnered with REACT Neuro to develop their minimal viable product (MVP) iPad application where test administrators are able to:

  • Create subjects/patients
  • Initiate a test suite
  • Review test performance
  • Capture notes related to the test and associated symptoms
  • Review test history and trends overtime

Healthcare Context

Today, most people are unaware of the overall health of their brain. While devices exist to objectively assess how our heart or lungs are doing, there is currently no objective and reliable way to evaluate brain health. This disconnect limits preventative approaches to brain disease, causing suboptimal patient outcomes and increased costs for the healthcare system.

Interested in learning more about REACT Neuro?

Visit REACT Neuro’s website here or send IDHA an email at accelerator@childrens.harvard.edu