Aiva is the world’s first voice-powered care assistant that allows for hands-free communication & connects to caregiver mobile apps and other smart devices – making for happier patients and better workflow.

Project Overview

Aiva is a voice-driven assistant for inpatient use. Not only does Aiva provide entertainment and give patients greater control over their environment, but it also aggregates, analyzes, and routes patient requests. With Aiva, patients can simply ask for what they need (e.g. food, bathroom visit) or share what they are experiencing (e.g. pain, dizziness) and Aiva smart-routes the alert to the most appropriate care team member or hospital personnel. This person can then send back an immediate voice response, handle the request accordingly, and seamlessly manage all of their requests in one place.

Aiva will be piloting their existing technology at Boston Children’s Hospital while working with IDHA to explore additional use cases for patient, caregiver, and clinician-facing voice technology applications and integrations.

Healthcare Context

Being laid up in a hospital bed means sitting for hours with nothing to do and zero control over your experience. The only connection to your care team is a button attached to the bed – technology that hasn’t changed in 100 years. On average, ~32% of patients report that staff are not always responsive to call button requests and there is zero traceability. Frustrating for patients and nurses alike. Aiva is able to:

  • Reduce response times (compared to traditional nurse call systems)
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase caregiver satisfaction

Aiva integrates with multiple different smart speakers (e.g. Google Home, Amazon Alexa) and a number of EMRs (e.g. Epic, Cerner) and clinician messaging systems. Additionally, Aiva provides a robust analytics dashboard to administrative personnel to support operational efficiencies/enhancements.


Interested in learning more about Aiva?

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