Commure simplifies the process of building, deploying and scaling next generation healthcare applications by providing a secure, reliable and interoperable foundation.

Project Overview

Commure offers a platform as a service with integrated FHIR data services and an ecosystem for running modern healthcare applications with HIPAA compliance. The company’s APIs allow for increased interoperability across health systems and create a seamless flow of information between internal systems and third party applications.

By managing repetitive work related to data integration, secure access control and common user interface elements, Commure allows developers to build and deploy applications in a matter of weeks instead of the standard timeline of months or even years. This all happens in a responsible innovation framework meeting clinical, security, compliance and operational requirements.

Boston Children’s Hospital and Commure have entered a partnership to accelerate the development of technology for improving clinical and operational efficiency in hospitals.

Healthcare Context 

Developers creating novel products for the healthcare industry face unique challenges with regulation and administrative burden as compared to other innovators, creating a high barrier to entry. Health systems often spend significant amounts of time and money on new IT solutions that are unable to scale and meet the needs of the broader organization.

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