Buoy is an AI-driven online symptom checker and e-triage solution. The all-in-one platform makes it easier to navigate the healthcare system.

Project Overview

Buoy Assistant, an AI symptom checker, asks a series of questions to better understand your current health concerns. Using your answers, Buoy can identify potential causes for your symptoms and guide you to the appropriate care. Buoy Dashboard allows you to research your insurance plans’ benefits to ensure access to in-network providers.

Buoy Health has partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to refine and validate their pediatric product offering, leveraging Boston Children’s clinical expertise and content. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Buoy Health has also developed a coronavirus tool in collaboration with the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s. The coronavirus tool helps educate patients on their symptoms and provide action steps based on CDC guidelines. 

Healthcare Context

The healthcare system is difficult to navigate. When you first start feeling sick you want answers, you want a plan, and you want someone to let you know that you’re not in this alone. That’s where Buoy comes in:

  • Know what to do and where to go to receive the appropriate care
  • Avoid unnecessary visits and only go when necessary
  • Get answers 24/7 – reduce time spent on the phone or waiting for a call back from your doctor


Interested in learning more about Buoy Health?

Visit Buoy’s website here or send IDHA an email at accelerator@childrens.harvard.edu