IDHA wants to hear from you: where do you see digital innovation opportunities?

A central part of IDHA’s mission has always been to support our incredible Boston Children’s staff with digital health innovation and problem-solving. In support of that, IDHA has launched a Pain Point Platform and Solution Submission Form for all members of the Boston Children’s community to engage in digital health innovation.

We encourage all Boston Children’s employees, regardless of department or role, to post pain points that cannot be addressed by optimizations to existing systems (e.g., PowerChart) or processes to the Pain Point Platform, or to submit ideas for new digital health solutions to the Solution Submission Form.

Pain Point Platform

What can I post on the Pain Point Platform?

Pain points (e.g., inefficiencies, challenges, problems, or obstacles) that you believe can be addressed through new or innovative solutions that are not currently implemented in the hospital.

What happens when I post?

  • Anonymity: Employees can sign in to the platform using their Boston Children’s credentials, and all posts will be shared anonymously on a feed where staff can vote or comment on posts that resonate with them.
    • While posts are anonymous, IDHA will have contact information for those who engage with the platform and may reach out to collaborate on potential next steps
  • Engagement: All posts will be reviewed by the IDHA team and shared with relevant stakeholders. Select posts may result in further collaboration

Solution Submission Form

Have an idea for a new digital health solution? Submit your idea here!

Access our Solution Submission Form for the Boston Children’s community to submit ideas for new digital health technologies. Solutions should aim to address an unmet need that both:

  •  Substantially impact Boston Children’s and the broader healthcare community
  • Cannot be solved by optimizations to current systems or existing solutions in the market.

Here are some example scenarios:

  • You recognize that an aspect of the patient experience is a major pain point and you would like to develop a new solution to address it, but you’re not sure how to start
  • You have an idea for how to build a new workflow efficiency tool that you believe will save staff time
  • You have developed a new clinical tool that has demonstrated improved patient outcomes

Submitters should be willing to act as a champion for their idea and engage in the innovation process with the IDHA team. All submissions will be reviewed by and receive follow-up from the IDHA team to explore the innovation opportunity and discuss any potential next steps.

The Pain Point Platform and the Solution Submission Form will be open through October 11th. 

For more information or if you have questions, send us an email here.