TriVox Health is a chronic disease management platform enabling healthcare providers to track and manage their patients.

Project Overview

TriVox Health is a web-based platform that provides remote monitoring, real-time analysis, and tracking of patients’ disease symptoms and response to therapy over time.

TriVox Health enables clinics to use electronic surveys to gather data remotely from multiple responders, including patients, parents, school personnel and ancillary physicians, and view the responses in a timely manner using graphical, tabular, and natural language summary formats.

  • More effectively track patients’ disease, response to therapy and side effects, survey data and quality of life measures
  • Identify unusual symptoms, occurrences or trends real-time
  • Shortened visit duration with more accurate streamlined data, saving time and resources

Healthcare Context

Patient responses to therapy, medication and symptoms are often not reported for months in between clinic visits. As a result, clinicians lack accurate feedback from patients and their families, preventing early intervention to mitigate potential disruptions in care.

In the News

TriVox Health was initially created by Boston Children’s Hospital, Division of Developmental Medicine to more efficiently collect information about a child’s ADHD symptoms. It has now expanded to focus on other diseases such as asthma, autism, depression, anxiety among others to come. 13,000 caregivers have responded to 2.5 million questions regarding 5,000 patients. In 2019, TriVox Health was licensed to Veta Health and its features will be integrated into Veta Health’s offerings. Read more here. 



Dr. Eric Fleegler

Eugenia Chan