KidsMD brings the clinical expertise of Boston Children’s Hospital beyond the walls of Boston Children’s to provide parents and caregivers trusted guidance on how to care for the symptoms of their child.

Project Overview

KidsMD is a Boston Children’s Hospital digital health platform for delivering consumer-facing health tools to patients and families, extending Boston Children’s pediatric expertise beyond our walls. Parents and caregivers can access the KidsMD web, mobile, and voice tools from anywhere to receive high-quality clinical knowledge that can be used to understand the symptoms of their child. Through meaningful health recommendations and personalized content, these parents and caregivers can then make informed decisions for whether to treat their child personally or seek additional professional care.

Healthcare Context

The internet is saturated with educational content for thousands of conditions and diagnoses. Traditional symptom checkers fail to adequately guide parent decision making for an acutely sick child that’s otherwise healthy. KidsMD leverages the reliable clinical expertise of Boston Children’s Hospital to provide trusted guidance for parents managing acutely sick children who are otherwise healthy.

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