Nutrimedy is a novel telehealth platform that transforms disease prevention and management by matching people with Registered Dietitians.

Project Overview

Nutrimedy is where meets Lyft for telenutrition. Our proprietary matching system allows users to find the ideal Registered Dietitian for their needs. Our platform enables the delivery of personalized, expert and convenient nutritional counseling across a range of conditions from Acid Reflux to Diabetes or Celiac. Users received unparalleled support through an ecosystem that incorporates counseling, food delivery and social networking to transform healthy eating. Since beta launch at end of 2016, over 500 Registered Dietitian across the country have joined team Nutrimedy. We are proud to be part of the Boston Children’s Hospital IDHA.

Healthcare Context

There are 130 million people in the U.S. with chronic diseases related to nutrition and less than 2% of Americans eat ideal diets. 80% of U.S. healthcare spending is on chronic conditions ($2.5 trillion / year) such as Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Hypertension, IBS & GERD which can be prevented or managed through nutritional counseling. Today’s counseling is inconvenient, impersonal and lacks the longitudinal care key for behavioral change.


In February 2019 the Nutrimedy team was selected as a finalist in Boston Scientific’s Connected Patient Challenge. Learn more about the challenge here.

Nutrimedy is now offered as a benefit to City of Boston and Boston Children’s Hospital employees.

Interested in learning more about Nutrimedy?

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Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Karolina Starczak
Chief Executive Officer
Mallory Franklin
Communications and Engagement Manager
Michaell Perilllo
Director of Operations
Veronica Rechul
Director of Product