Our Expertise

The Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator is building scalable interoperable solutions, including FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) enabled Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for exchanging Electronic Health Record data.

We combine FHIR standards with the SMART (Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies) protocol created by Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital to create applications that can easily be integrated into any Electronic Health Record system.

Leveraging SMART on FHIR solutions enables clinicians to more effectively monitor patients in a longitudinal fashion and creates opportunities for clinicians within different health systems to use the same applications to more effectively monitor and manage treatment progress from the clinic to the home setting.


The Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator manages a portfolio of innovative interoperability solutions. Our portfolio includes tools to support tracking vital signs and development of pediatric patients over time, as well as the clinical management of disease. Interoperable solutions at Boston Children’s Hospital include:

BP Centile: systolic and diastolic blood pressure percentile calculations, normalized by age, sex, and height, based on a child’s relevant vitals

Dose Range Checking: a collaborative FHIR effort between Boston Children’s Hospital and Cerner, providing clinical decision support to improve optimal medication dosing calculations with dynamic visuals.

Pediatric Growth Chart: an innovative app tracking child growth over time, providing a dashboard displaying data points on many reference data sets from WHO and CDC growth and others.

Trivox: chronic disease monitoring and management platform, providing monitoring, real-time analysis, and tracking of patients’ disease symptoms and responses to therapy over time


IDHA actively engages in partnerships with cutting-edge industry partners to develop and commercialize interoperability innovations.

Interested in developing an interoperability platform or partnership? Reach out to our team to begin the conversation.