MedTimeLine is a customizable data visualization application designed to help clinicians view changes in their patient’s condition over time.

Project Overview

MedTimeLine’s SMART on FHIR API search functionality gathers clinical data about a patient from the electronic health record (EHR), pulling data streams such as vital signs, lab work, procedures, medications and microbiology results. The data is then incorporated into a clinician-facing application with customizable, interactive graphs.

MedTimeLine has been designed, tested, and implemented within the instance of Cerner PowerChart at Boston Children’s Hospital. MedTimeLine has been released as an open source product so that the SMART on FHIR community can contribute to its maintenance along with Boston Children’s. In the future, new features may be added to the application based on clinician input.

Healthcare Context

Busy clinicians can experience “data overload” due to the wealth of information thrown at them from increasing medical data. Data visualization tools can make it easier for clinicians to interpret the large volume of information, however, EHR vendors have been slow to leverage data visualization tools. That’s where MedTimeLine can help.

Up until now, clinicians often created their own graphs and timelines to track patient progress, especially for complex patients. By creating an electronic, automated application that generates these visualizations MedTimeLine can reduce this burden.

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