ResistanceOpen is an online platform that displays a map of antimicrobial resistance.

Project Overview

ResistanceOpen creates a global map of antimicrobial resistance, based on aggregated publicly-available and user-submitted resistance data, known as antibiograms. The platform allows for open-collaboration, where independent sources can contribute data. ResistanceOpen receives contributions from laboratories, hospitals, health networks and surveillance networks.

Antibiotic resistance values are displayed as weighted averages of all submissions within a region of interest and graphical representations of resistance for each superbug are displayed in the region of interest.

ResistanceOpen was developed by the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s, a team comprised of epidemiologists, clinicians and developers.

Healthcare Context

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing public health concern that requires action at a global level. By encouraging users to report resistance data, ResistanceOpen provides useful information on antimicrobial resistance to the public and public health professionals.

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