OPEN Stewardship is a tool that allows health professionals to see their antibiotic prescription patterns to promote appropriate prescribing behavior.

Project Overview

OPEN Stewardship is an open web-based system that allows physicians and veterinarians to see their antibiotic prescription patterns in an effort to promote antibiotic stewardship, the practice of promoting appropriate antibiotic use. Those enrolled in the system report their prescription patterns, which are then compared at an institutional and regional level. Participants receive a report detailing their prescribing behaviors compared to their peers and best practice guidelines, as determined by their institutional policy.

Healthcare Context

Antibiotic resistance is a growing public health concern that calls for action on local, national and global levels. Misuse of antibiotics impacts everything from food and water supply to providing access to affordable medications and vaccines. Antibiotic use is a major driver for the increased rates of antibiotic resistance and has led to the practice of antibiotic stewardship.

Antibiotic stewardship has been increasingly applied in hospital settings, but adoption has been slow in other care settings such as primary care and veterinary medicine.

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