EpiCore is a system that links a worldwide network of health experts to verify information on infectious disease outbreaks.

Project Overview

EpiCore is a secure, virtual community of field epidemiologists, public health experts, physicians and other health professionals from around the globe that uses innovative surveillance methods to verify outbreaks of infectious diseases. By using official and non-traditional data sources such as news and social media, the EpiCore platform sends requests for information to public health workers located in the geographic region of a suspected public health event. Members are able to report official and unofficial information to provide essential details regarding outbreaks so that appropriate actions can take place sooner. EpiCore aims to support traditional outbreak investigations by making information surrounding public health events available sooner.

Health professionals can apply to become members of the EpiCore platform to support the investigations of public health events. EpiCore members also have access to exclusive content related to infectious disease prevention and control including online courses, online publications and scientific documentation. To apply to become a member fill out an application form here.

EpiCore is a collaborative effort founded by the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s Hospital, Ending Pandemics, ProMED of the International Society for Infectious Diseases and TEPHINET (The Training Programs in Epidemiology & Public Health Interventions Network).

Healthcare Context

Speeding up the process of finding, reporting and verifying public health events potentially contributes to a faster public health response from communities and health organizations at local and international levels. By joining the EpiCore network, health professionals can use their knowledge and skills to provide essential details regarding outbreaks and allow officials to take action faster.

Interested in learning more about EpiCore?

Visit EpiCore’s website here or send IDHA an email at info@epicore.org