PODFinder gives users access to point of dispensing (POD) locations during a pandemic or infectious disease outbreak.

Project Overview

PODFinder is a free, online service where the public can search for Points of Dispensing (POD) locations during a public health emergency. PODs are locations within a community where state and local officials are able to dispense medical countermeasures during a public health event. Vaccinations, antiviral drugs, antibiotics, antitoxins or chemical antidotes are all examples of medical countermeasures which need to be dispensed quickly during major health events. PODFinder also has a dashboard feature for local and state public health departments to manage POD locations in their governing region.

The HealthMap team, the Computational Epidemiology team at Boston Children’s Hospital, is currently developing PODFinder in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Healthcare Context

During a public health emergency, medical countermeasures are important in fighting the spread of disease, curbing infection rates, and preventing death. Getting medical countermeasures quickly into the hands of the public is crucial during these times of crisis, which is where PODFinder comes in.

Interested in learning more about PODFinder?

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