Mapping the Risk of International Infectious Disease Spread (MRIIDS) is a tool that predicts spread of disease across the world.

Project Overview

MRIIDS is a tool that uses outbreak reports from HealthMap and ProMED, along with multiple data streams into a single framework in order to inform public health officials, healthcare workers and the public about the risks of an outbreak spreading. MRIIDS estimates and visualizes the risk of an outbreak exportation event. The platform aims to aid government and non-government decisions in resource allocation in order to prepare response efforts for infectious disease threats. Expansion of the MRIIDS modeling work began in 2020.

MRIIDS is a collaborative effort by the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s Hospital, ProMED, the Imperial College of London, and the Global Healthsites Mapping Project.

Healthcare Context

Resource allocation can be difficult for government and public health organizations during an emerging outbreak. Predictive models are an important tool that allows public health officials to make informed decisions in response to infectious disease threats.

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