Always Hungry is a companion mobile application to Dr. David Ludwig’s breakthrough research and New York Times Bestsellers, Always Hungry and Always Delicious. The mobile app would make this science and actionable information more available and accessible to the general public on-the-go.

Project Overview

Dr. Ludwig’s breakthrough research has revolutionized the way we think about healthy eating and weight loss by showing that it’s the types of calories we eat that affect the number of calories burned. In his book, Always Hungry, Dr. Ludwig shares this new methodology, accompanied by a set of recipes in his cookbook, Always Delicious. The mobile app will distill the research in Always Hungry into easy to follow steps, as well as provide tracking for nutrient intake, help with adherence to the phases of the program, and share recipes, shopping lists, and other helpful resources.

Healthcare Context

Obesity affects over 90 million people in the United States alone and obesity-related conditions – including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer – are some of the leading causes of preventable and/or premature death. Many traditional diets focus on calorie consumption as the main hurdle of healthy living and losing weight. As a result, many people are unsuccessful at losing weight, leading them to become frustrated and abandon the goal of healthy eating. Some fad diets are even potentially dangerous to the people who attempt them. The Always Hungry Solution is a sustainable, science backed, way of eating to help people feel their best.

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